We operate a bespoke service by referral only.  We do not usually sale to the public or accept unsolicited business.


If you’re a customer please ignore this page and refer to your individual documentation.


This page is for Nominet compliance only and your existing customer agreement will override this generic information. Third parties may use the details below to contact us.    


Domain Registration and Hosting fee for non-refereed clients: £10 + £0.015 pence per day. (excluding VAT).


Renewals and expiry policy:

Services and Domains are automatically renewed, your contract with us gives us explicit permission to register and renew domains on your behalf. Daily charges are linked to the Retail Price Index as supplied by the Office of National Statistics (UK).


Termination and Transferring your Domains:

You may transfer your domain to another supplier at no cost provided your account is in good standing, otherwise you may ask Nominet to transfer the domain to another supplier after paying their fee.  Contact us if you wish to terminate a domain or service.



Please address complaints to complaints@bytefetch.net*  All complaints will be considered on an individual basis.



Please report to abuse@bytefetch.net*


Customer Support:

Please use your portal to report problems.  If unable to access your portal please email help@bytefetch.net*



Please report spam that’s sent to you via your ISP. 


*Contacting us

Note that if you send us an email you MUST include “NOSPAM”. Within the subject line to avoid our systems discarding your email as spam.


We respond immediately upon receipt of your email and normally reply within hours. When detailed investigations are required this could take longer but never more than a week.  If you have complained to us and feel we’ve not handled your complaint satisfactorily you can complain to Nominet.  If you are still unhappy with Nominet you may contact ICANN.  Should you still feel unhappy you may wish to consider action within the US legal system.  (ICANN are only bound by US Court directives, not the UK Courts)


Terms and Conditions:

Domain registrations for UK domains are subject to Nominet's and ICANN's T&C's. Where these conflict ICANN takes presidence.


Our Address:

Charwell House

Wilsom Road


Hampshire, GU34 2PP


Tel: 0844 704 8560


*Calls may be recorded

Information specific to domains registered with the UK’s registrar, Nominet